Punjab and Sind Bank Email Support

Punjab and Sind Bank Email support is available Email: ho.pr@psb.org.in you can use it to solve your general problem like bank account, loan, internet banking etc.

S.NoHead OfficeE-Mail
1HO Account and Audit Departmentho.accts@psb.co.in
2HO ATM Cellatmcell@psb.co.in
3HO Board Departmentho.brd@psb.co.in
4HO Compliance Departmentcmplcell@psb.co.in
5HO Credit Departmentho.adv@psb.co.in
6HO Credit Monitoring Departmentho.cm@psb.co.in
7HO Foreign Exchange Departmentho.fex@psb.co.in
8HO Fraud Monitoring Departmentho.fmd@psb.co.in
9HO General Administration Departmentho.ga@psb.co.in
10HO Government Business Departmentho.govtbusiness@psb.co.in
11HO Human Resources Development Departmentho.hrd@psb.co.in
12HO Industrial Relation Departmentho.ir@psb.co.in
13HO Information Technology Departmentho.it@psb.co.in
14HO Inspection Departmentho.complaint@psb.co.in
15HO Law & Recovery Departmentho.lr@psb.co.in
16HO Marketing and Insurance Divisionho.mktg@psb.co.in
17HO Marketing and Insurance Divisionho.mktg@psb.co.in
18HO PF Departmentho.pf@psb.co.in
19HO Planning & Development Departmentho.pd@psb.co.in
20HO PRINTING & STATIONERY Departmentho.stationery@psb.co.in
21HO Priority Sector Advances Departmentho.ps@psb.co.in
22HO Public Relation Departmentho.pr@psb.co.in
23HO Rajbhasha Vibhagho.rajbhasha@psb.co.in
24HO Reconciliation Departmentho.reconcilation@psb.co.in
25HO Retail Lending Departmentho.retail-lending@psb.co.in
26HO Risk Management Departmentho.rmd@psb.co.in
27HO Security Departmentho.security@psb.co.in
28HO Treasury Departmentimdrtgs@psb.co.in

Why do customers write email to psb?

  • Setup an account
  • Question
  • Complaint
  • A different reason

How can I email Punjab and Sind Bank?

Bank for Media Queries, please contact email
ho.accts@psb.co.in. For customer queries and complaints kindly visit https://www.psbindia.com/content/contact Punjab and Sind Bank Write to us

Phone No: 011-25765519, 25817353, 25728987, 25728930

Fax No: 011-25781639

Punjab and Sind Bank Email id list

if you have search bank email then so check this all email and you can use related email and ask you problem.

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